Building a community



we are community outreach student team.


Our Mission:

  1. Build a community of CICS students who are passionate about outreach.
  2. Work with educators (K-12 and undergrad) to understand their CS support needs.
  3. Provide opportunities for CICS students to develop effective communication and teaching skills.
  4. Connect CICS students with outreach programs in the area offering opportunities for mentors.
  5. Educate the broader community with CS topics.
Past Events:

  1. Robotics lab tour for 4H summer youth event. [June 2019]
  2. Minecraft workshop at Liberty Elementary School. [December 2019]
  3. “Why Graduate School?” informatory session for 5 college undergrads. [September 2020]
  4. Virtual “Why Computer Science?” workshop at Pope Francis Preparatory High School. [November 2020]
  5. Virtual “Why Computer Science?” workshop at Pope Francis Preparatory High School.[December 2020]
  6. Virtual "Why CS?" presentation for 6th Graders at Glenwood Intermediate School.[March 2021]
  7. Virtual "Programming in the Real World Guest Lecture" at Watertown High School.[March 2021]
  8. Virtual "AI Guest Lectures" at Frontier School.[April 2021]
  9. Virtual "AP CS Support" at University Park Campus School.[April 2021]
  10. Virtual "Why CS?" presentation for High Schoolers at Watertown High School.[April 2021]
  11. Virtual "Zoom Basics I and II for elders" at Amherst Neighbors.[April 2021]
  12. Virtual "Career opportunities with CS" at Minnechaug Regional High School.[May 2021]
  13. "Massenberg Dip Into Data Workshop": Where volunteers helped high schoolers go through an interactive data science notebook.[3 day workshop]
  14. "LEAP:" Opportunity for grad student volunteers to teach at an elementary school.
  15. "AN Fall Festival:" Tech support for a large virtual meeting.
  16. "Girls Inc:" Block coding workshop for middle-high schoolers.
  17. "DLCS:" Volunteers mentor high schoolers on how to use Foldit (a biochemistry computer game). The high school students will then hold workshops for middle schoolers.

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